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FRONT PORCH SOFTWARE develops tools that ease difficult situations involving children.

Our first product, Shared Ground™ is the first step in realizing our vision. Understanding that divorce is one of the most stressful, and often disruptive, events in one’s life, we built a program from the ground up that helps parents and children deal with the complexities of shared parenting.

The software is designed to revolutionize the entire process of developing parenting plans for divorcing parents. Not only does it contain built-in wizards that walk users through every step in setting up their personalized calendars, it also has embedded defaults that eliminate scheduling conflicts and suggest commonly accepted schedules to ensure equitable parenting time.

Shared Ground is the simplest parenting plan calendar software on the market. It provides parents and other caregivers -- as well as attorneys, mediators, arbitrators, and family therapists -- an easy-to-use, yet robust tool for creating and managing workable parenting plan calendars.

In addition, our sophisticated technology allows the user-created calendar to interface with their Palm™-compatible PDA or Microsoft Outlook™. The calendar can also be printed at anytime for sharing with relatives and other caregivers. Visit the Shared Ground Web site at

Watch for other new products designed with the same life-enhancing vision from Front Porch Software.


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